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Android OS, The Future Of Embedded Systems

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The future of Android OS, Check out  the infograghic below to get a insight how it’s growing.   Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Incoming search terms:Embedded Systems-1 apk free download (1)

Flipboard: Your News Magazine 1.9.17 Apk Review


Android platform now has been developed rapidly to be used in internet access needs of the society. You might experience the difficulties or time inefficiency since you will need to flip from one tab to another tab to visit your favorite site. More over, it is occasionally happen when you tap the close button unexpectedly so you need to re-open the page. This application preventing some unexpected experience just I Read More…

RAC Traffic Android App Review


Is RAC Traffic dealing with something related to traffic condition? Let’s check it out. Getting trapped in a boring traffic jam in UK is a disaster for you who need quick, fast and effective movement. Unfortunately there will be the same traffic problem happening in around you everyday. The only hope to help you out of this problem is by knowing the traffic problem is currently happened before you go Read More… Android App Review

tunein-radio-apk-001 is a one of radio services you may listen to enjoy your day. Listening to your favorite music is pleasure thing to do. You may have many numbers of favorite artist and their songs. Radio is one of the media in which you can listen to them with out any fee since the radio is widely broadcasted for the public interest. Since the internet has been developed rapidly in Read More…

Android App Review: Google Maps Navigation


Google Maps Navigation is a powerful application officially developed by Google to help you finding the right route to any destination you want to reach. This application is still in beta version but you can download and apply it on your Android device if you like. This navigation application is developed based on the current Google maps labs, they provide the map and this navigation application will show you which Read More…

Flickr Android App Review


Photo is a most common easiest way to express our emotion and also can be our best choice to catch your best event in your life. Flickr is originally a Yahoo image cloud storage service. You can upload many images to be able to access online from anywhere. Sharing is always enjoying, that’s why your online storage will be very nice to share your pictures to your friends on the Read More…

Evernote Android App Review


Evernote will replace your note book. This sentence will be the true event as you try this application. Writing something important before you forget is one of the functions of your note book. It can also be written about your incidental idea of something but still, you are in a hurry to do job or another business. Writing in a conventional note book is good to be done but incase Read More…

BBC News Android App Review


BBC News holds the world class news service. They updated the information at merely the same time as it happen in the field. Most of BBC News is published in their news channel almost in every minuteas the occasion happened in many areas in the world. BBC has a large and powerful network to give you the latest news from their website, TV channel, and Radio broadcast. One of the Read More…

Skyfire 3.0 Android App Review


Web browser is an essential application in today’s daily life since the internet information access has now become a basic need for many people. A web browser seems not enough to satisfy the user need during their internet surfing experience. The current regular browser has the function to open a website page in a tab, and they need to open another tab to see the different website page. Browsing while Read More…

Samsung ChatOn Android App Review


Chatting over the inter net with some friends from many places in many country is fun activity. You can just talking about the news, movie release, and fashion etc. or maybe you can discuss a global scale project or research on a certain place correspondently along global network wide. Since chatting is currently needed by many people, ChatOn release a product which allows you having chatting on the internet protocol Read More…